Good Morning America’s Sam Champion did a piece this morning on Disney’s World of Color attraction at California Adventure.

Sam even got to play with one of the remote control tablets that controls the fountains and displayed a custom graphic on the water (mist) screen to display how versatile and easy it is to make changes to the display that park guests see.

Unfortunately, his broadcast looks to have taken place in the early hours of the morning and it was already light outside, so you don’t really get to see how inpressive the attraction truly looks.

A link to the video from the broadcast is here (sorry I couldn’t embed the video in this post).

The folks in the GMA control booth responsible for their own show’s graphics should pay closer attention though…the onscreen title for the piece displayed the following:


It’s “World of Color” guys… You would think a national show on a major network (ABC is owned by Disney) could get the details on one of their parent company’s  new projects correct.