7 weeks left until the release of TRON: Legacy!
Admittedly, the “TRONiverse” seems to have taken over my blog.  Hopefully, all the hype and wait will pay off when it releases.  After that, things can return to normal (whatever that might mean) around here!

Ok, here’s your TRON Tuesday news items:

1.  This one actually hit the interwebs yesterday, but I held on to it a day longer on purpose to put it in this post.
Seems the Imagineers at Disney California Adventure have let TRON: Legacy invade a little more space in the park than the Hollywood Pictures Backlot where ElecTRONica is happening weekends (Fri-Sun).  TRON: Legacy has broken into the ending of the World of Color show over at Paradise Pier.  Check out the footage below.

In my opinion, it seems a bit “busy” to me.  The new laser effects on the show’s backdrop (California Screamin and Mickey’s Fun Wheel) are neat, but there’s waaaaaay too much action going on in this segment of the show.  It does prove that Disney’s Imagineers are easily capable of making changes to the show, but there’s already a huge advertisement for the movie going on with ElecTRONica.  I love both Disney and TRON, but I don’t think it’s necessary to use that much of DCA as an advertising vehicle for the film.

‘Nuff said…

2.  We’re getting a new poster of sorts… It’s a 3 part “reveal” with the first part over on MySpace today (do people still use MySpace?)  Section/part 2 will be on MySpace tomorrow and then part 3 will be on the TRON Facebook page when they get 200,000 “likes”.  If I’m right, then all 3 parts will piece together to form one big image (as I have below).

3.  TRON: Legacy video clip – “You’re here”

Still no updated word on the latest TRON: Legacy ARG reveal.  I’ve been checking my mailbox daily for anything from “Flynn Lives” but nothing yet.  I’ll keep you all posted when I find out what’s next!

I was incorrect about panel 2 of the posters.  Gizmodo put up the 2nd panel yesterday and you can check it out at this link.  I also updated the image above to include the second panel.  From what I can see (and guess) I’m gonna say that we’ll see a standing Kevin Flynn (facing left) will be in panel 3.  But will he be dressed in his white robes or the black ones?

What’s your guess?