Hollywood is a magical place, my friends.  The original TRON had some groundbreaking special effects for it’s time back in 1982.  And now, almost three decades later, they will push the envelope again with some spectacular special effects.

One of the more interesting effects revolves around actor Jeff Bridges playing two (technically three) different roles in the movie.

Young Kevin Flynn
1.  The role of a younger Kevin Flynn circa 1989 (just before his mysterious disappearance)

CLU 2.0
2.  The role of Clu 2.0 (who was created by Kevin Flynn to help oversee “the grid” back in 1983)

Kevin Flynn (modern day - 2010)
3.  The role of modern day Kevin Flynn (who is approximately 60 years old and is being held prisoner in “the grid”)

Check out this video feature (courtesy of Yahoo! Movies)  that reveals some of the state of the art effects, including an inside look at how actor Jeff Bridges was “digitally aged” to resemble a younger version of himself for the roles of Kevin Flynn (1989) and Clu 2.0 (1989 – present day).