Admittedly, it’s been a while since we’ve heard any news about a sequel to Disney’s TRON Legacy.  In a recent Forbes interview writer Adam Horowitz told readers that they are still working on it.

I think the honest truth is that Director Joseph Kosinski and TRON: Legacy’s writers (Kitsis & Horowitz) have been busy with other projects that are making the wait for a sequel take longer.  While Kosinski just finished directing the Tom Cruise sci-fi flick Oblivion, Kitsis and Horowitz are busy with ABC fantasy shows Once Upon a Time (now in its third season) and its spin-off show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (in its first season).

In the Forbes interview, Horowitz said that they’re still working on it:

Hopefully we’ll have some news about what’s going on forward with the next one soon. There’s nothing official to announce now but hopefully soon, but it’s chugging along. It is. Eddie [Kitsis] and I are co-producers on the film. And we have a script that’s being written by a great writer named Jesse Wigutow. And we’re really, really excited. I mean the studio is hopefully excited, but Joe is involved and everybody’s involved and everybody is waiting to get the go-ahead and we’re hopeful.

Source: (Forbes)