These guys have been all over the news today, even getting coverage from the likes of EW!

I only just heard about it now through a post by the Geek Girls Facebook page, but wanted to give it more than just a mere mention on our own FB page.

So, the story is that Jonason Pauley and Jessie Perrotta have a fan-made recreation of the original Toy Story.  The project took them two years to film. Not bad when you consider all the work that went into recreating sets and props, right down to Andy’s blue sky and clouds bedroom wallpaper.

The guys even took a trip to Pixar.  And while that trip may not have gotten them a golden ticket to enter the chocolate factory, they did get the ok to hand out DVDs of their fan made film outside the gates.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I have to wonder how many flattered folks there are within the confines of the Pixar campus right now. It’s one thing to have a box office smash (and subsequent sequels) under your belt. It’s another thing entirely to have two fans dedicated enough to make a live action recreation of your work!

The video has only been on YouTube for two days and has racked up nearly 2.2 million views already!
Take that Gangnam Style!