Hey you…the one over there with the college ID…wanna see the first 65 minutes of Disney/PIXAR’s Toy Story 3 before it hits theaters on June 18th?  Then you just might be in luck!  There are special screenings soon to be taking place across the country.  Dates and locations vary, and (for unknown reasons) not all major colleges are on the list.  But hey, this is too cool to pass up if yours is, right?

Here’s the deal:
Go to the official Disney/PIXAR Facebook fan-page, choose your state and school and then click the “I’m in” link and you’ll get details on when and where your screening will be.  For the sake of convenience, here’s the link

You have to have a VALID college ID for the school you have selected and it’s first come, first seated. So be prepared for a possible camp out at the theater.

Absolutely NO recording devices of any kind will be allowed in the theater (including cameras, laptops and cell phones) and they WILL be checking for this!

If you’re lucky to get in, you’ll get to see the first 65 minutes of the film.  I don’t know what the total running time is for the movie yet, but if you do the math college kid, you’ll soon see that it’s not the full movie.  That’s why they’re calling it the “cliffhanger edition” (kinda catchy, isn’t it?).

Be prepared for this to be a standard “2D” print, as Disney/PIXAR has told participants to “check out the full 3D experience of TOY STORY 3 when it hits theaters nationwide June 18, 2010”  (why would they tell you this unless the special screener wasn’t 3D, right?).

So, hurry on over today and sign up.  The toys are counting on you!