Although there still hasn’t been any update on the Tokyo Disney Resort’s website, the park’s operator, Oriental Land Co. has announced that the Disney Theme park will open for operations on Friday April 15th.

The park and its sister park, Tokyo Disney Sea, had to be shut down after the Tohuku Pacific earthquake on March 11th.

The park will resume normal operations but will close at 6pm instead of the usual 10pm closing time.  This, combined with reduced usage on lighting and air-conditioning will help conserve electricity.

Oriental Land Co. has also announced that it will donate 300 yen (about $3.55 in US currency) to the affected disaster areas for each person that visits the park through May 14th.  A previously scheduled increase in ticket price (the first in over 4 years) is still expected to take effect on April 23rd.  On that day, an adult 1-day pass will go from 5800 yen (about $68.74 USD) to 6,200 yen (about $73.48 USD).

Tokyo Disney Sea is still closed and is expected to re-open at the end of April.