It’s been predicted that this will be the movie to knock Avatar from it’s epic run in the #1 spot at the box office. This will also be a first (for those who have not heard) in that it will only have a 13 week theatrical run before hitting DVD. So we could be seeing this on DVD as early as June, although that could be subject to change.

I’m curious(er and curiouser) to see what the DVD release has in store for us now that 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray is a reality (though I own neither of these). Disney definitely has the opportunity to have a pioneering release for the new home 3D formats if they choose to. And, if you remember, Disney was one of the first major studios to back the original Blu-ray format when it first was introduced. Which is probably the major reason that Blu-ray ended up winning over HD DVD when the HD DVD format was finally retired in 2008.

There’s some really cool bonuses going on for you Alice fans out there right now:
1.  Buy your tickets from Fandango and you can get a bonus song download (a song from Plain White T’s from the “Almost Alice” soundtrack)
2.  Disney Movie Rewards is offering up to 200 rewards points for your Alice ticket stubs
3.  Amazon is offering a free MP3 download from Danny Elfman’s soundtrack for a limited time.

It may still be a few weeks before I get to see the movie myself, but I look forward to your comments and reviews!