Don’t get too excited just yet though…

Just announced today is a partnership between Disney Parks and James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment to bring the world of Cameron’s “Avatar” to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.  Walt Disney Imagineering is just getting started on what the vision for this new land will be.  They hope to break ground some time in 2013 and these projects take time.

What we DO know is that it will be located somewhere in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at WDW.  There’s not really much more than that at this time.  With the construction slated (right now)  for sometime in 2013, it will probably take about 5 years to build it.  So, it’s unlikely that we’ll see it until around 2018.

Hopefully, Cameron (and now Disney) will manage to keep interest in the Avatar franchise hot, as the rumored two sequels to 2009’s Avatar (to be filmed concurrently) will have already come and gone from theaters by then.  Avatar 2 is rumored to release in December of 2014 and Avatar 3 will release a year later.

It would be pretty neat to see if Disney Imagineers could pull off something as cool as bioluminescent plants (even if they are fake) that lit up or changed colors if you touch one!

For more on this (including a Q&A session) check out Disney Parks Chairman Tom Staggs’ post over on the Disney Parks Blog 


I’ve seen some early comments from folks online and the opinions seem to be varied.  Many seem to be concerned over the fact that Avatar isn’t an original Disney property, while other point out the fact that neither are Star Wars or Indiana Jones, both of which have extremely popular Disney attractions.

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