For the second week in a row The Avengers was the number 1 movie in theaters.  It also broke the $1 billion dollar mark in worldwide box office gross in its 19th day of release.  Totals were down about 50% from its first weekend (in the U.S.) but it still made $103.1 million in its second week out.  Not bad at all when you consider that the number two movie (Dark Shadows) made $28.8 million in its opening weekend!

Disney CEO Robert Iger announced last week that there will definitely be a second Avengers flick.  No word yet on characters, story, release date, director (you get the picture).  I think it was one of those things where you (as the C.E.O. of Disney) look at the INSANE amount of money that this movie is making and that it just makes sense to do another one.

Hopefully, we get another great story, Joss Whedon directing, and no other re-casts on major characters by the time the next one hits.