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Viral marketing for TRON Legacy continues as “Flynn Lives” members receive postcards

I got my postcard last week.  Mine is for the classic 80’s ENCOM video game “Vice Squad” (completely fictional, of course). At first glance it’s

Jerry Bruckheimer has to take a budget cut for “Pirates 4”.

The L.A. Times reports today that Jerry Bruckheimers 4th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise: “On Stranger Tides” has been given a

LOTS-O’-HUGGIN BEAR 1983 TV Commercial Resurfaces

Great viral marketing from Disney/PIXAR!!! UPDATE:  2nd Viral commercial for “Lotso” has been discovered. This one looks like another VHS recorded transfer from the 80’s

April 27, 2010 Pixar Animation Studios

Downtown Disney AMC theater to have “autistic friendly” screenings

This isn’t limited to the AMC theater in Downtown Disney only, but I came across an article on the OC Register’s site and felt it

Sequel to Tron Legacy already in the works

Anyone who’s been following news regarding Disney’s Tron sequel, “Tron Legacy” already knows there’s been talk of 2 possible sequels.  The Hollywood Reporter’s “Heat Vision


Mystery parachute jumper at ENCOM press conference identified

Last night’s ENCOM press conference was interrupted by members of the organization “Flynn Lives”, but the “Flynn Lives” supporters had an interruption of their own

More Tron Legacy viral marketing – Verbisware 7.0.23 demo

The employee intranet of ENCOM International now has a demo of their new “Verbisware” Operating System.  The demo is limited in that some functions do

IGN interview with ENCOM’s Alan Bradley

More Tron Legacy viral marketing?  Perhaps, but you gotta admit it’s pretty cool. IGN has an exclusive interview with ENCOM International Executive Consultant, Alan Bradley.

Alan Bradley to headline major ENCOM product announcement

Here’s a copy of the official press release from ENCOM’s site: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ALAN BRADLEY TO HEADLINE MAJOR ENCOM PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT March 24th, 2010

Latest viral marketing for Tron Legacy

For anybody who might not already know about this, there’s a ton of “viral marketing” surrounding December’s upcoming “Tron Legacy”.  I received the latest reward

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