Last week I gave you a glimpse of the Starspeeder 1000 Sneak Preview Vehicle that Disney Theme Park Merchandise has created especially for Star Wars Celebration V. With one week to go before the big the kick-off of Celebration V, here’s an insider look at another Disney Theme Park Merchandise exclusive for Star Wars Celebration V.

Donald Duck explores his darker side as he portrays the Empire’s stealth soldier, the shadow trooper. With his advanced armor, Donald Duck can create mischief throughout the galaxy and then silently slip away to his next adventure.

As part of our Disney Star Wars Action Figure Series, this figure will be available exclusively at the Celebration V Disney event location. In honor of Star Wars Celebration V, this will be a limited edition of 5,000 pieces and will retail for $11.95. It will come on an individually-numbered backer card, and it will be in a collector blister-case, molded with the Star Wars Celebration V logo.