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Now available to take home on Blu-ray / DVD combo pack is Dreamworks Pictures “War Horse”.

The year is 1914 and farmer Ted Naracott (played by Peter Mullan) is at auction to buy a plough horse to work his farm.  Instead he sets his sights on a thoroughbred and, for some reason, is determined to be the top bidder for the horse.  He’s outbid several times and ends up spending more on the horse than he should have, but he wins the auction and takes the horse home.  Now he’s in hot water with the wife (played by Emily Watson) because he has a horse that can’t work the field and they won’t be able to make rent on the farm now because he spent too much for the horse.  Ted’s son Albert (played by Jeremy Irvine) is immediately taken with the animal and convinces his parents that he will train the horse (which he’s named Joey) and will get him to plow the fields.

It took some time and patience, but Albert did get Joey to plow the field so they could plant a crop of radishes.  Unfortunately a bad rain ruined the field and now the family is faced with the dilemma of how to raise money to make rent for the farm.

War (World War I) is declared and Ted decides to take the horse into town to sell him to the British soldiers who are recruiting young men to join the British Army.  He sells Joey just as Albert runs into town to try and stop him, but he’s too late.  Albert offers to join the Army to try and stay with Joey, but he’s not old enough yet to join.  He receives the reassurance of  British Officer Captain Nicholls (played by Tom Hiddleston) that Joey will be his personal horse and that he will make sure he’s taken care of.  He also adds that, if possible, he will return Joey to Albert when the war is over.

Joey changes hands and situations a few times along the way, but the rest of the story from here is his.  We get introduced to new characters that Joey is involved with and get their stories as they intertwine with his.

I won’t spoil the plot for for you, but I will tell you two things:
1.  Be prepared for a long movie (2 & 1/2 hours long)
2.  Have tissues handy, as there are some real tear-jerking moments in the movie!

Anyone who knows the names of some of the people behind Spielberg’s movies will recognize some of these names (he’s worked with these folks for years).

Frank Marshall was executive producer and Kathleen Kennedy also produced. Michael Kahn edited the film and the music was done by the legendary John Williams.

Nominated for 6 Oscars, War Horse is rated PG-13: for intense sequences of war violence.

Bonus Features:

  • A Filmmaking Journey – Academy Award®-winning Director/Producer Steven Spielberg provides a unique and unprecedented look into the making and filming of “War Horse.”
  • Editing & Scoring – Multi-Oscar® winners Michael Kahn (film editor) and John Williams (composer) discuss specific aspects of editing the film and composing music for “War Horse,” as well as the secret to their long and successful collaborations with Steven Spielberg.
  • The Sounds of “War Horse” – Seven-time Academy Award®-winning sound designer Gary Rydstrom takes us through the sophisticated sound design he created for “War Horse.”
  • Through The Producer’s Lens – Producer Kathleen Kennedy shares the photos she took during filming and recounts how she discovered the source material, as well as her appreciation of Steven Spielberg’s vision, the team that sounds him, and why “War Horse” appealed to her.
  • “War Horse”: The Look – Director/Producer Steven Spielberg introduces us to his creative team of production designer Rick Carter, costume designer Joanna Johnston and director of photography Janusz Kaminski, who discuss what it took to design the look for the film.
  • An Extra’s Point of View – Film extra Martin Dew explains how and why he was brought in––along with a hundred other men––to be featured alternately as both German and British soldiers.