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Touchstone’s Step Up is now available for the first time on Blu-ray.

The movie’s not necessarily ground breaking as far as story goes. Street wise bad boy with aspirations of wanting more out of life who meets the upper class girl with the privileged life who wants something different.  What makes this movie so great is the dancing…and the music!

Channing Tatum (yes, the same Channing Tatum from Magic Mike) stars as Tyler Gage.  Tyler’s a down on his luck teenager who lives in the rough part of town, hangs out with his best friend Mac, and tries to keep Mac’s little brother, Skinny, out of trouble.  While heading home one night, oneof them accidentally throws a rock through a basement window of the Maryland School of the Arts.  The three end up climbing through the window and make their way through the school into the auditorium.  At first they clown around a bit with props and costumes until one of them accidentally breaks one of the props.  Soon, it becomes an all out war/contest as to who can break the most, until they get caught.  Tyler takes the rap so Mac and Skinny can get away and ends up sentenced to 200 hours of community service to make up for the act of vandalism.

During his community service (for which he is less than enthused) he eyes the students and what they do.  These kids have a real passion for singing, dancing, and making music.  This is something that secretly draws him in due to his love of street dancing.  That, and the fact that he finds a student by the name of Nora (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) attractive, and in need of a dance partner for an upcoming performance.

He finally puts himself out on the line and learns what it means to fully commit to something for the first time in his life.  So much so, that he eventually decides he’d like to transfer and attend the very school that he initially vandalized.

While the story may not be the driving factor to watch this film, the dancing and the music definitely are!

The film is directed by Anne Fletcher.  It just so happens that Anne is a professional choreographer (probably the reason she was hired) and who better to direct a dance flick then someone who really knows how to bring it to life on the big screen?

The soundtrack is the other reason to watch this film.  Sometimes you need some good ear candy and that surround sound system of yours needs a good workout too!

Film Synopsis:

Experience the dynamic dancing and awesome music of Step Up – now on Blu-ray for the first time with an all-new digital restoration and enhanced picture and sound. Channing Tatum (21 Jump Street) sizzles as Tyler Gage, a streetwise hunk with a reckless streak, in this exhilarating movie about never giving up on your dreams. When Tyler is sentenced to do community service at a school for the performing arts, he wants nothing to do with their world…until he meets a beautiful dancer who gives him a chance and helps him discover his astonishing pure talent.

Featuring the incredible music of Yung Joc, Sean Paul, Chris Brown, Kelis, Mario and Ciara, Step Up explodes on Blu-ray High Definition. Relive every electrifying moment today!