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Walt Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon” is finally available to own on Blu-ray.

Pete’s Dragon joins the ranks of some of Disney’s older titles that Disney’s been hard at work on getting out to consumers on Blu-ray this year.

Originally released to theaters in 1977, Pete’s Dragon is (at its heart) a musical. With a total of 13 musical numbers, it received two Oscar nominations for Best Music, Original Song (for “Candle on the Water”) and also Best Music, Original Song Score and Its Adaptation or Best Adaptation Score.

Combining live action with animated elements (for Elliott, Pete’s Dragon) the story is about a young boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott. Elliott’s a dragon who can make himself invisible, so most people think he’s just Pete’s imaginary friend. But we soon find out that not only is Elliott real, but he’s there with the specific purpose of helping Pete.

Pete’s an orphan (of sorts). Technically, he has an adopted family, but the only reason that the Gogans “adopted” him in the first place was for manual labor on their farm. Pete’s tried escaping them before and, at the film’s opening, it looks like this time he’s succeeded. Making his way to the small fishing town of Passamaquoddy, Maine, he soon starts to draw the attention of the locals, mostly because of Elliott’s antics. Eventually, he meets Lampie (Mickey Rooney) and is later discovered hiding out in a cave by Lampie’s daughter, Nora (Helen Reddy). Nora and Lampie decide to take Pete in and eventually make him the offer to give him a permanent home in the Lighthouse that they live in and maintain. All seems to be going well until visiting medicine showman, Doc Terminus (Jim Dale) wants to make a play for Elliott (due to the many medicinal uses of dragon parts). Terminus sides with some of the locals on this, and eventually with the Gogans as they end up tracking Pete to Passamaquoddy.

I won’t give away the ending, but I will say that Pete’s Dragon is highly enjoyable and that its “G” rating and many musical numbers make it fun for all ages.

There’s nothing new added to the Blu-ray release that wasn’t on the DVD release that came out just three years ago, but I won’t knock Disney for that one since they’re simply meeting consumer demand for this one on Blu-ray, it wasn’t really necessary.

Helen Reddy – Nora
Jim Dale – Dr. Terminus
Mickey Rooney – Lampie
Red Buttons – Hoagy
Shelley Winters – Lena Gogan
Sean Marshall – Pete
Jane Kean – Miss Taylor
Jim Backus – The Mayor
Charles Tyner – Merle
Gary Morgan – Grover
Jeff Conaway – Willie
Cal Bartlett – Paul
Charlie Callas – Elliott (voice)
Walter Barnes – Captain
Al Checco – Fisherman #1

Rated: G
Run Time: 88 minutes

Bonus Features:

  • Brazzle Dazzle Effects: Behind Disney’s Movie Magic: Actor Sean Marshall gives a behind the scenes look at the movie making magic of Pete’s Dragon in this 25 minute featurette.
  • Terminus & Hoagy Hunt Elliott: Deleted scene presented through a storyboard sequence.
  • “Boo Bop Bopbop Bob (I Love You, Too): Original concept for the song presented through a storyboard sequence.
  • Trailers: 2 original trailers for the movie’s theatrical release in 1977