New on DVD for your preschooler comes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Masquerade.

This one comes in two versions – DVD only and DVD with the “Mickey Mote”.

If you haven’t picked up one of Disney’s DVDs for preschoolers with the “Mickey Mote” yet, I highly recommend it. And, don’t forget before viewing (if you got the “Mickey Mote”) to access the Bonus Features on the DVD from the Main Menu to get to the programming tutorial so you can set it up for your child. It adds an extra level of interactivity for your child by giving them questions to answer in the “discovery mode” that helps them with their colors, shapes and numbers.

There’s also a special masquerade mask inside the DVD case for your child to wear and a removable DVD insert with games and a sepcial coloring page that your child can color and you can make it the cover for the DVD case!

There’s five cartoons total (including an all new episode) on this DVD from the hit Disney Junior show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Here’s the breakdown:

Minnie’s Masquerade
In this all-new episode the gang decides to have a masquerade party. Goofy’s lost his shoe and needs your child’s help to find it before the ball. Pete’s going to the ball and is determined to have the best costume there. There’s a special costume parade at the end of the episode with prizes for everyone awarded by Professor Von Drake.

Minnie’s Mouske-Calendar
It’s a windy day outside and the wind makes off with the pages from Minnie’s Mouske-Calendar, a special calendar that tells her what special thing she does for every day of the week. Join Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto and help them use their Mouske-tools to find Minnie’s missing calendar pages and put them back in their proper order!

A Surprise for Minnie
It’s Valentine’s Day, but Mickey forgot.
Use your Mouske-tools to help him make something special for Minnie!

Secret Spy Daisy
Agent Daisy gets her first secret spy mission from Professor Von Drake.
Use your Mouske-tools to help Secret Spy Daisy (along with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto) to help stop Pete from stealing Clarabelle’s special cookie recipe!

The Friendship Team
It’s Friendship Day at the clubhouse.
Mickey’s having a special friendship party and you’re invited!
Minnie and Daisy made special party hats but they’ve gone missing.
Detective Minnie and Secret Spy Daisy (along with mickey and Pluto) are on the case!
Use your Mouske-tools to help them find the missing party hats.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse continues to be a great show for preschoolers and teaches them all kinds of things.  From basics like colors shapes and numbers, to deductive reasoning, like what’s the right Mouske-tool for the job.  There’s some great replay value in this one too.  With the addition of the “Mickey-mote” and two levels of “discovery mode” to go with it, you’re guaranteed a new experience 3 times per episode.  Plus, if your child is anything like mine was at that age, they’ll want to watch them again and again anyways!