HocusPocus-webFor the past 20 years Hocus Pocus has been captivating audiences of all ages. Teenager Thackery Binx displays great devotion and love for his little sister, Emily, when three Salem witches, the Sanderson Sisters consume her life force to regain their youth in 1693. When found my the townsmen, the witches are hung for their practice of black magic. At their hanging they cast a spell saving their spirit to return on Hallows Eve, when they can then finish the deed of restoring their youth. Thackery lives on with the curse of immortality as a black cat awaiting the Halloween night where he can avenge his sister’s death, and reunite with his family.

For 300 years Thackery lingers around the Sanderson’s house, diverting anyone who may invite the sisters back from their grave. On Halloween of 1993, Max Dennison ventures to the house with his little sister, Dani. In his disbelief, Max lights the Black Flame Candle, inviting the Sandersons back for their return to Salem. The adventure begins. Dani, Max, and Allison are now teamed up with Thackery to prevent the witches from carrying out their plan. Max confiscates Winifred Sanderson’s spell book, the witches must find their book in order to restore their youth and keep them alive, the kids must keep the book from the witches until dawn comes and they become dust, for their magic will be spent.

Children love to see the strength shown by the characters, the evil but playful moods of the witches, and not to mention a talking cat. Beyond childhood this is a classic, a great tradition to watch for Halloween, and a great story portrayed by an amazing cast. This movie provoked my admiration for Sarah Jessica Parker’s acting roles, comparing her role as Sarah Sanderson; upbeat, airheaded, and a little evil, verses her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, displays her great devotion and versatility of her work. Bette Midler portrays Winifred Sanderson as the leading witch, with a love for the dark arts, controlling over her sisters, yet playful and naive to the world around her. Kathy Najimy was by far the best pick for Mary Sanderson, displaying the character’s great loyalty to her sister with still maintaining her own sense of self-worth.

On a personal note, this is one of my all-time favorite movies. I first watched this movie upon my mother’s suggestion when I took on the role of a witch in a local Halloween Show. Hocus Pocus was enjoyable to watch while also providing me great inspiration in my current role. I also use to love to scare my mom when she’d come home from work, standing at the door as she opened it mocking Sarah’s chant “A Muck, a muck, a muck”.