Disney’s “Have a Laugh” Vol. 3 & 4 are now out on DVD and I recently had the opportunity to check them out.   Fist thing I have to say is that it’s nice to see the classics again!

The cartoons have been fully restored and remastered and I’ll admit that they look pretty good, however, my eyes didn’t really notice much of a difference from what I remember seeing these when I was a kid.  That being said, they don’t look bad.  I believe that some of the older, classic animation should have this look anyway.  It doesn’t distract from the viewing experience and still looks good.

Each DVD comes with 5 classic Disney cartoons featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto.  In addition to having the full-length version of the cartoon, there are also “short versions” of each one after all 5 full-versions have played through.

There’s also a feature called BLAM! (3 of em on each DVD) in which we’re given a replay and analysis of scenes from one of the cartoons.  Think of BLAM! as the “instant replay” you’d get when watching a sporting event on TV.  Unfortunately, while kids might like BLAM! it didn’t go over very well with me.  The announcer’s over-use of variations of the word “blam”, as in the phrase “Whoa! Someone call the ‘Blam-bulance!”, started to irk me after a bit.

The other bonus feature, called “Re-Micks”, was kinda cool.  Take a pop song and sync some old Disney cartoon footage to it to make a music video.  Takes me back to my “D-TV” days as a kid. The irony here is that apparent;y someone else feels the same way.  As I was looking for a Wikipedia page to link to my D-TV statement above, I noticed at the end of the page are listings for the 5 “Re-Micks” that have been produced to date!

Overall, I feel these DVDs are great!  I also feel that they would have done perfectly fine with just the cartoons alone on them and didn’t really feel the need for the bonus features, but that’s just my opinion.

Contents: VOLUME 3 VOLUME 4
RESTORED SHORTS (long-form)& EDITED SHORTS (short form with new music arrangements and and voice recordings) Mickey’s Delayed DateThe WhalersChef DonaldHow To Play Baseball

Pluto and the Gopher

Mickey Down UnderHawaiian HolidayTrailer HornHow To Swim

Pluto’s Surprise Package

BLAM!s BLAM! #7 – GolfBLAM! #8 – CookingBLAM! #9 – Glider BLAM! #10 – BeachBLAM! #11 – Fox HuntBLAM! # 12 – Hockey
Re-MICKS Dance PartySong: I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas Song: Play My Music from Camp Rock