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The second movie franchise in the Pixar lineup of movies to get the sequel treatment, Cars 2 hits store shelves today on Blu-ray, DVD and combo pack.

Cars 2 takes a dramatic turn and gives us a new story with a new lead character.

There’s some great voices in the characters with Michael Caine joining the lineup as Finn McMissile and a cameo from veteran character actor, Bruce Campbell (as Rod “Torque” Redline) but I fear it’s not enough to redeem its worthiness as a sequel to the original.
It’s a good enough story, but is it good enough for the kids?
I just don’t feel that this one had the same wholesome appeal (for kids) as the original.

In Cars 2 the main character honors definitely go to Mater.
There’s a bit of a mix up that he unwittingly gets caught up in at the first annual World Grand Prix and he’s mistaken for an American spy.  It gets even funnier because McMissile really believes that Mater IS a spy and really knows how to get into character as a dimwitted tow-truck while really, he’s just being himself.

Our beloved characters from Radiator Springs are all here with the exception of Doc Hudson (who was voiced by the late Paul Newman in the original).  It appears that the character of Doc is no longer with us and I think they handled that fairly well.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Fillmore (voiced in the original by the late George Carlin).  Fillmore is back amongst the cast (now voiced by Lloyd Sherr) but it was necessary to the story to keep his character around.

Ultimately, lessons in friendship and being yourself are delivered (and quite well) but I just felt that the story kind of dragged a bit when it came to keeping the attention of a younger audience.

Still worth picking up, but I feel the appeal here will be to kids around 11 and up.

Bonus features:

  • Cars Toon “Air Mater” – Exclusive All-New Short
  • Toy Story Toon “Hawaiian Vacation” – Theatrically Released Short
  • Director John Lasseter Commentary