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The first of two animated “midquels” to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, The Enchanted Christmas is now available for the first time on Blu-ray/DVD combo packs.

This one went straight to home video (no big screen release) but it had decent story and reunited original voice actors and was feature-length at 71 minutes.
We even got some new characters for this story.

Forte (voiced by Tim Curry) is an enchanted pipe organ who seems to relish in being a confidant to Beast as well as providing him with plenty of gloomy, moody music by which to brood.

Fife (voiced by Paul Reubens) is Forte’s unwitting assistant who gets a little too wrapped up in his plans just for the sake of having a musical solo.

Angelique (voiced by Bernadette Peters) was the castle’s former decorator.  The spell that enchanted the castle staff turned her into a angel Christmas tree topper and she’s been locked up in a tower with the rest of the Christmas decorations as it was later revealed that the master hates Christmas because it was the day he was transformed into the Beast.

Overall, I’d say this was a pretty good release that doesn’t tarnish the original’s name.

Pro:  Tim Curry plays the bad guy.  He’s just SO good at doing that!

Con:  Computer animated Forte looked very out of place alongside the other animation.  I feel they should have just hand animated the whole feature and not wasted the time or money on expensive computer animation.


Celebrate the most magical time of the year with this Special Edition of the irresistible holiday movie inspired by Disney’s beloved classic. For the first time in spectacular Blu-ray High Definition this captivating gem reunites the original voice cast!

Share the wonder as Mrs. Potts recounts another “tale as old as time” about a Christmas past that almost wasn’t – thanks to the scheming of former court composer Forte, who is determined to keep Belle and Beast apart forever.

This enchanting adventure boasts exciting bonus features, delightful songs, spellbinding visuals and enduring themes of hope, friendship and love. Your family will enjoy the spirit of the season all year long with the timeless magic of Beauty and The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.

Bonus Features:


  • Disney’s Sing Me a Story with Belle “Stick To It”
  • Behind the scenes featurette
  • “As Long as There’s Christmas” music video
  • Disney Sing-a-long mode
  • Disney’s song selection
  • Enchanted environment


  • Disney’s Sing Me a Story with Belle “Stick To It”
  • Disney Sing-a-long mode

I especially liked the “Enchanted Environment” bonus on the disc.  It’s a Beauty and the Beast themed virtual fireplace scene with Holiday music.
Also, the behind the scenes featurette was nicely done.  It gives good insight into the production process including storyboarding, animation, and ink and paint as well as musical scoring and voice actors.