Now available on Blu-ray for the first time is Disney’s “Bambi II”.

Bambi II is a sequel and picks up shortly after the first movie.  The “Young Prince” (voiced by Alexander Gould), now without a mother, needs someone to care for him and the Great Prince of the forest (voiced by the amazing Patrick Stewart) takes up the task until such time as a suitable doe can be found to raise him.

Bambi has much to learn as the Great Prince teaches him how to be observant and “feel” what’s going on around him in the forest.  He’s also taught that a price does not “woo hoo”, as the Great Prince seems to all too serious about his role in the forest.

As time goes by, Bambi and the Great Prince soon form a father/son bond that, at the beginning of our story, seemed  rather unlikely.  Both learn that a balance can exist between work and play.  As Bambi learns to emulate his father more, so too does the Great Prince learn that he can be a kid again when taking time out to play with his son.

Great animation and a good story here.
Definitely worth adding to the collection!

Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack Bonus Features

Friend Owl’s Forest Fun Games – three Interactive learning games
Deleted Song – “Sing the Day”
Thumper’s Hurry Scurry – an interactive game
Disney Sketch Pad: Learn to Draw Thumper – a tutorial on how to draw Thumper
Bambi II – The Legacy Continues – a featurette about the history behind Bambi II
Bambi’s Trivia Tracks – pop-up text that reveals fun facts about the movie