New on DVD + Digital Copy Combo Pack is the Disney Channel original movie “Lemonade Mouth.”

Based on the novel by Mark Peter Hughes, Lemonade Mouth follows the lives of 5 outcast students of Mesa High and the events in a day of their lives that led up to their eventful meeting in detention.  If I had to describe it to someone who’s never seen it, I’d have to say it’s a (very) loosely-based “Breakfast Club meets High School Musical.”

I had not seen the airing on Disney Channel before watching the DVD, so I can’t tell you from experience what’s been added to this “extended edition” vs. the televised version of it.  I can say, however, that I really enjoyed it.  I honestly didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did, but the music’s catchy and there were several “laugh out loud” moments in the film.

Principal Brenigan (played by Christopher McDonald) is entirely focused on the sports programs of Mesa High and the image that the school (as well as himself) have attained though it.  Anything that doesn’t fit within the confines of his image of what the school should be gets dumped into the school basement.  Things like the Mathletes, Drama Club, AV Club, and school’s music program (which doubles as the detention room) have all found themselves banished to the basement. When the five students (still strangers to each other) are left alone in the detention room, there was a cute lead-in to their first musical number together.

Soon a band is formed and so is a rivalry between these five students and local town favorite band, Mudslide Crush.  Mudslide Crush is a bit on the egocentric side and then there’s the issue with one MC’s member’s girlfriend who is (still unknown at this point) a member of a band who’s going to be stealing some of MC’s stage time because they got booked to open for them at the school’s Halloween Bash.  That performance ends up getting shut down (literally) by Principal Brenigan for getting too politcal during the lead in to, and performance of, their second song in their set.

Ironically, the students of Mesa High really took to both the message, and sound, of “Lemonade Mouth”.  Soon, the group gets the chance to play weekly at the local pizza joint in town and quickly go from the nobodies they were to being loved and accepted by their fellow students.  Just as quickly as their popularity struck, a series of unfortunate events besets the individuals of the group leading up to the “Rising Star” talent competition, in which they are to compete against Mudslide Crush.  The outcome of Rising Star isn’t what you might expect and it’s interesting to see how the rest of the story unfolds.

This is a great one for the middle school and high school aged kids in your house.  You may even catch yourself singing along to some of the songs yourself after a viewing or two.  I know I can’t get “Determinate” out of my head right now myself!