After disappointing box-office totals for Disney’s 2009 return to hand-drawn animation, “The Princess and the Frog” the folks at Disney looked into the reasons why.  The result, boys didn’t want to see a movie with “Princess” in the title.

Whereas the (former title) character IS a princess, I’m not sure if this is just an effort to throw the boys off here.  The movie, now dubbed “Tangled” was originally to be called “Rapunzel”, which did not have “Princess” in the title.

It seems like a bit of a confusing move if you ask me, but if it pays off I’m sure Disney will consider continuing more hand-drawn animated features.  If not, then classic Disney animation may fall to the appeal of newer CGI and 3D mediums.

Time will tell, my friends.

“Tangled” will release November 24, 2010 and features Mandy Moore as “Rapunzel” and Zachary Levi (I absolutely love him on NBC’s “Chuck”) as Flynn Rider.