Monsters University the movie doesn’t open until June 21, 2013 but Monsters University the website is now (mostly) live.

Looks like the viral marketing push has begun on next year’s Pixar flick, a prequel to Monsters, Inc. called “Monsters University”.  The website looks very much like your typical college site, and very professional looking at that.  There’s a campus map to help you find your way around and even separate areas for students, faculty and alumni.

There’s a registration page, but we’re told that registration opens next semester.

There’s also links to log into M.U.Net (the new campus portal) but you need your Student or Faculty ID number to log in.
I’m guessing that they will be opening that part up real soon and then there will be an opportunity to get a Student ID so you can log in and (I’m guessing) access some goodies there.

In the meantime, the merchandise links work and you can order your very own M.U. clothing, coffee mug or even a wall pennant to hang in your dorm room.

If anyone should gain access to the M.U.Net portion of the site before I have a chance to, be sure and let me know at our Facebook page!