Movieline reports
that PIXAR is developing a “semi-sequel and spinoff” to Cars called “Planes”.
Click the link above if you want to read their story (which by now has been re-posted and rewritten on every blog out there by now) but here’s my story:

Sherman, set the wayback machine to 1996!
It was a time of transition for Disney and for PIXAR.  Disney just completed its acquisition of PIXAR and some things started to change…

For starters, John Lasseter was given A LOT of control over Disney’s current and future projects.  Disney’s plan to make their own sequel to Toy Story was scrapped by Lasster (thank goodness) and later the whole project was revisited.  Story was re-written and plans to go straight to DVD with it were abandoned.  They made it bigger, better and went right to the big screen with it…and it was a hit!  PIXAR’s first-ever sequel was a success folks!

Also in 1996, then Disney ToonStudios President Sharon Morrill found herself without a job.  Morill was the driving force behind the studio’s direct-to-video feaures and sequels for 13 years.  Lasseter had decided that it was no longer in the company’s best interest to make poorly written and cheaply animated sequels (see 1994’s “The Return of Jafar”) that tarnished the original’s name.

Other straight-to-DVD projects got scrapped (The Aristocrats 2, Chicken Little 2 and Meet the Robinsons 2) and Lasseter became one of my biggest heroes over at Disney.  He was making changes and they were good ones!

Ok Sherman, take the wayback machine back to present-day…
Toy Story 3 is now in theaters and is a huge hit!  Pixar is working on big screen sequels to Monsters, Inc. and Cars and has officially found themselves in the “sequel game” now.  Pixar is known for quality story and amazing breakthroughs in computer amination, so much so that they just lent a hand to another computer animated breakthrough (sequel)…December’s upcoming TRON Legacy.  And then we find out today that there’s going to be a direct-to-DVD spinoff of Cars.

Ok, technically it’s not a sequel and I will admit that PIXAR has never disappointed me yet with anything they’ve done, but it seems like Lasseter’s breaking a promise here.  I really hope that’s not the case and (if they don’t change their minds about it) “Planes” will probably be a big success.  I just don’t want it to be the thing that (re)opens the door that Lasseter (thankfully) closed.

Time will tell…
And for those of you wondering, I’m not bashing John Lasseter here.  I still have an amazing amount of respect for the man.  Just sharing my thoughts on the matter.

Consider this post an editorial of sorts.