Disney Chief Bob Iger initially hinted at the possibility of a PIXAR / Marvel collaboration on some film projects when Disney bought Marvel last year.

IGN recently spoke to John Lasseter, PIXAR’s Chief Creative Officer and also the C.C.O. of Disney Animation.  Lasseter said that PIXAR is a filmmaker-driven studio and all their story ideas come from their own filmmakers.

This, of course, leads to some great original stories that turn into even greater films.  Lasseter went on to say that they’ve already done the superhero thing anyway with Brad Bird’s “The Incredibles”.

When two big entities come together (like Disney and Marvel) it makes you wonder how far they’ll take things to use their synergy to cross-promote the brands.  Marvel merchandise (like t-shirts and action figures) is already in the theme parks and in the Disney Stores.  Could (or should) Disney go so far as to have costumed Marvel characters or Marvel based attractions in the parks.  And just how far will Disney’s involvement in future Marvel movies go?

I for one am glad to see John Lasseter taking a stand in not having PIXAR do any Marvel movies.  I’m big on superhero flicks (if they’re done right) but I really feel it would be doing PIXAR an injustice for them to start taking on Marvel stuff.  When you bring your own original story and characters to the table you can tweak story and character development during production if you feel something isn’t working out right.  But when you’re dealing with comic book characters, you have to respect origins and back story of a character, their interactions (or lack of) with other characters as well as things like costume design, etc…

What’s your feeling on all this?

Do you think PIXAR is in the wrong here or is Lasseter doing right by PIXAR (and Disney) to say they won’t do Marvel films?