It’s a new year, and many of us have New Year’s resolutions.  Undoubtedly, a lot of those resolutions either won’t be met or the original terms of the resolution will be modified as the year progresses.

That’s kind of what happened to Pixar animator Everett Downing.

Downing was in a bit of a rut a few years ago.  The artist’s equivalent of “writer’s block” had hit him when a friend suggested that he was “over-thinking things”.  Downing had decided that he hadn’t been drawing enough and so he made a resolution.  He would draw one superhero a day over the course of a year.

Unfortunately, his original resolution didn’t happen.  A year later, he didn’t have 365 “supers” but he was determined to see things through.

Fast-forward a few years and Downing’s still working on it.  To date, he now has 292 original supers created, leaving only 73 more to go!

You can view Everett’s progress over at the blog he created for the project at