Just Google the search term May the 4th be with you today and you’ll know what I’m talkin about.  Today is International Star Wars Day.  It started as a pun on the phrase “may the force be with you” and has evolved into a Holiday of sorts thanks to pop culture and the internet.

So, if you’re shopping for anything Star Wars-related, today’s the day to get deals!

It’s a day to celebrate Star Wars fandom.  I’ve been celebrating since I was 8 years old!

Thinking back to my childhood, I’ve got some pretty fun memories involving Star Wars.  I thought back to some of the toys and items I used to own as a kid.  By today’s standards, some of them were pretty lame.  As an 8 year old kid, they were some of the best!

Let’s see if any of you have ever run across a couple of these before.

Our first item isn’t a Star Wars toy at all, but toy options weren’t what they are now.  There were no “official” Star Wars lightsaber toys after the movie originally released, so I had one of these.

That there is a plastic sword with a sticker on the hilt.  It doesn’t even say Star Wars anywhere on it (because it’s not).  If memory serves, it was just called a Laser Sword, or possibly a Space Sword.  It was made of a softer plastic that bent if you hit something too hard with it, but we always were able to bend it back for more punishment.  It didn’t take batteries, but it did glow in the dark.  It didn’t make any sound either, the sound effects were made with your own mouth as you swung it around.

Oh, but it gets better…

The was also a “Space Shield” to go with it.

I’m not sure if they were sold as a set, but I did have em both.  Yeah, yeah, there’s no shields when you’re in a lightsaber duel, but this is a knock-off toy and in our imaginations it worked.

You can even put the sword in the shield for storage!

Our next item isn’t a toy so much as it is an arts and crafts project.  It was made by a company called Craft Master and it’s a 3-D Darth Vader poster art kit.

It came with 3 colored markers and a glue solution (in a paper tube) for the papercraft part of the project.  Once you were done coloring the poster you then took the parts in the next photo and assembled them so that Darth Vader’s helmet popped out of the poster.


There were also a couple of X-Wing and TIE Fighters to color and attach for a three dimensional space battle at the top of the poster.  Sadly, I think I lost the pieces to Darth Vader’s head before I could ever finish it.  So in the end I had colored the poster, but the illustration of him just isn’t as intimidating as it might have been in 3D.  And Craft Master if you’re still around today and happen to read this, there is NO WAY that my version of the poster is going to look like what’s in the picture.  You only gave me 3 markers!  Oh, and the Death Star isn’t green either.  Just sayin!

I also had one of these guys as a kid.

Okay, a Chewbacca action figure isn’t as unique as our previous toy examples but he was special because he had seen “actual” battle.  I failed to remember I had left him out on the lawn before my father cut the grass and he got chopped up by the lawnmower.  I’m sure I cried over the pieces before he got thrown in the trash, but I had other figures to play with to help me grieve.

I didn’t have some of the biggest or best Star Wars toys out there, but my parents did their best to get them for me and not break the bank (or spoil me) in the process.  Definitely a lot of good memories to be had in what I had and how we played back then.