TRON: Uprising is the animated series that Disney XD is working on for 2012.

There’s also supposed to be some animated shorts this fall that will lead into the series premiere next year.  The storyline will take place in the world of TRON in between the first and second movies and will focus on an eventual upraising that will take place and ultimately lead up to CLU 2.0’s taking over the system.

The animation looks slick!  And, with lots of celebrity action for the characters’ voices (including Bruce Boxleitner as TRON) this one’s sure to please all the TRON fans out there!  This will also keep everyone out there interested in TRON until we see an eventual third TRON movie in theaters.  There’s been no official word from Disney yet on a greenlight on TRON 3, but it’s only a matter of time.

Sources tell me that the trailer is to be included on the upcoming Blu-ray & DVD release of TRON: Legacy, which will hit stores on 4/5/2011

Credited cast:

Mandy Moore – Mara
Elijah Wood – Beck
Emmanuelle Chriqui – Page
Bruce Boxleitner – Tron
Lance Henriksen – General Tesler
Paul Reubens – Pavel
Nathan Corddry – Zed
Reginald VelJohnson – Able
Fred Tatasciore – Clu 2.0