Well, that was quick!

Less than a day after reports about iPad users not being able to get the Toy Story 3 website (due to issues with Flash support on their devices ) Disney now has the problem fixed!

The irony in all this is that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, was one of the co founders of PIXAR and is also on Disney’s board of directors, as well as being one of the major Disney shareholders.  Think that had anything to do with it getting fixed so quickly?

It all boils down to the ability to redirect a request for a website based on device or browser to a specific version of the website.  In this case, Disney has a version of the Toy Story 3 site specific to Apple devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch).  However, I still believe the underlying issue here is a problem with mobile devices not supporting (or their refusal to support) Flash technology.

On a fun side-note, if you have a smartphone (or mobile device like iPod Touch) there is a mobile version of this site specifically for those devices!  I’m curious to see if the mobile version of our site (for all the iPad users out there) is the one you folks get on your devices.