Marvel held a Comic-con event today for the kids at their booth in front of the Iron Man Hall of Armor display.

Kids were told to come in costume and there were some impressive entries.  One child came in War Machine armor (I hope Don Cheadle would be proud) and another had a costume that appeared to be home made out of old sports equipment.  Takes me back to my childhood days where I made my own costume or two for Halloween.

We also get a sneak peek at the new Iron Man armor from next year’s Iron Man 3 movie.  I believe that will puts Tony Stark at Mark VIII on that one.

The best part of the event came near the end when they had all the kids shouting “I am Iron Man”.  From backstage, Robert Downey Jr. came out declaring “Did I hear somebody say my name?”

There’s an official Iron Man 3 panel later this evening and I think, based on his guest appearance today, that it’s a safe bet that attendees will be seeing  Mr. Downey tonight!