Was there ever any doubt?

As of last Friday, The Avengers had already grossed $304 million internationally and a forecast from BoxOfficeMojo.com had estimated it might make around $172.5 million in its US debut weekend.  The actual final number ended up being over $207.4 million for opening weekend here in the states!  Internationally, the film is now at $447.4 million bringing its global box office total up to $654,838,708

It broke records for highest weekend opening (previously held by last year’s Harry Potter finale).  It also went on to become the fastest movie ever to hit the $100 million, $150 million and $200 million dollar marks!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re probably among the minority.  This morning’s “water cooler talk” in my workplace was primarily Avengers-based today.

And if you haven’t seen it and are debating over 3D, digital, or standard projection, my opinion is to go for digital.  The movie wasn’t filmed with 3D cameras, so you’re not really going to get a spectacular experience with the 3D version.  A digital showing will at least get you a crystal clear print with some killer sound!