Earlier this evening, ENCOM International Executive Consultant Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) announced that Space Paranoids would soon be available for all to play online.

Paranoids” was developed by Kevin Flynn, who mysteriously disappeared in 1989.  A group of loyal fans (an organization that calls themselves “Flynn Lives”) has been looking for proof that Flynn is still alive and well ever since his disappearance.

After Mr. Bradley’s speech this evening, there were “technical difficulties” and the meeting seems to have been taken over by a group of “Flynn Lives” supporters that were spotted in the crowd.  Some sources claim that they saw several members of this group with ENCOM employee IDs hanging from lanyards around their neck.  It is the belief of some that these people are not ENCOM employees, but that they actually might have been wearing forged ENCOM ID badges. An ENCOM helicopter circled near the end of the event and someone in a TRON costume parachuted from the helicopter, landing behind the stage.

Before he finished his press conference, Mr. Bradley also indicated that Space Paranoids would have 15 new levels that were designed by Kevin Flynn, himself.

We will post any new information we have on the Space Paranoids release when we hear more about it.