The 4 month improvement project on Disneyland’s Rivers of America is now completed.

Disney started refilling the water back into the area around Tom Sawyer Island this week.  Park visitors, keep an eye out for all the new improvements to the area, as there are now 4 distinct areas complete with names.

When this project started, I merely thought that Disney had drained it so they could remove the old track for the Sailing Ship Columbia and the Mark Twain Riverboat  and replace it with a new one.  I was sure surprised when I found out that there was a lot more to it than just that.  Here’s a summary of what’s been done:

  • New 2,500 foot track for Mark Twain Riverboat and Sailing Ship Columbia replacing the original track put in place in 1955 (the year Disneyland opened).
  • Corral built for 2 live ponies (first time there have ever been live animals along the river bank)
  • 4,000 new shrubs and 130 new trees planted to create distinct landscape for the 4 themed river areas (Mississippi River, Columbia River, Potomac River and Rio Grande)
  • Mike Fink’s Keel Boat is now in front of the cabin on Tom Sawyer island.
  • Paddle wheel on the Mark Twain Riverboat was replaced with a new one.
  • Nine of the eleven docks have now been replaced.

Photo of the previously drained Rivers of America (Taken 3-16-2010)