For the non-geeks in the reading audience, IRL = In Real Life.

Ryan Astamendi, a former Disney character artist and professional photographer, has taken some very impressive photos of what some famous Disney Princesses could look like in the real world.

First (from a little bit about the artist:

Ryan Astamendi worked for the Walt Disney Company for the past 18 years as a Character Artist,

and later a photographer as well.

Born and raised in Burbank, CA, Ryan knew at an early age that he loved art and soon realized he’d like to pursue it as a career. Growing up, he was inspired by Disney animation and was tutored by a few of their artists.

He later attended CalArts, majoring in Character Animation and from there went to work for Disney as a Character Artist. In addition to his art, Ryan found himself drawn towards photography, and later did many lifestyle photo shoots for Disney as well. Using his formal art training, he incorporates the same principles of color, lighting and composition into his photography.

Both his art and photos have appeared in numerous publications around the world. Ryan is now a full-time beauty, glamour and portrait photographer.

And now…the photos!

First up, Rapunzel


Next up, Belle.

The we have Pocahontas.

And Princess Jasmine.

And finally, Snow White.

As an added bonus (not a Disney Princess) he also did a Jessica Rabbit photo!

Ryan Astamendi Photography