I still have yet to complete Disney Epic Mickey videogame for the Wii console but it’s only a matter of time.
Every time I play, however, it’s like visiting the parks.  My eyes get wide and I point or laugh a lot at things I see on screen.  Difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t know me but above all things, I am a Disney buff and I love the old historical stuff that’s not around anymore.  Even if it’s just hearing about something that existed at the parks once and seeing pictures or background on whatever it was, I find it fascinating!

Ethan Kaye over at ToplessRobot.com (a sci-fi geek haven) has posted a list of his top 10 favorite Easter Eggs found in Disney Epic Mickey.  Some are very obvious but you may find a few that you didn’t know about.  For those of you who have played the game through already and missed some of them (like Walt’s apartment above the fire station) I got two words for ya…replay value!

Obviously, there’s a lot more hidden gems in Disney Epic Mickey than Ethan listed in his article.
What are some of your favorites?