Pixar’s second franchise to see a sequel film opened on top this weekend taking in $68 million at the box office.

It’s not being billed as a critical success, but the $68 million that Cars 2 took in still blew away the weekend’s number 2 movie, Bad Teacher, which only took in $31 million in its debut weekend.

Reviews on the film are kind of a mixed bag and it really depends on who you ask.  According to the movie website RottenTomatoes.com the movie has a 33% on the “Tomatometer” (approved critic ratings by the site) whereas the actual audience reviews put the film at 67% with an average star rating at 3.7 out of 5 stars.

No matter how you look at it, $68 million for an opening weekend is still good.  It may pale in comparison to some of the other Pixar debuts (Toy Stoy 3 made $110.3 million in its opening weekend) and this would make it Pixar’s fifth highest grossing film (out of their 12 total movies) but it still topped the original Cars opening weekend of $60.1 million back in June 1996.

Plus, there’s the 3D aspect to take into account.  Whereas not all films should really be seen in 3D (like those that have 3D post-conversions) a movie that’s all CG naturally lends itself well to the medium since we’re already dealing with a digital format.

So, what do you think?
Did you get to see Cars 2 in its opening weekend, is it on your “to do” list or (gasp) do you not have plans on seeing it at all?

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