Once Upon a Time in Wonderland will not be returning after the current season ends next week.

To be fair, the show was originally intended to bridge the gap between seasons of Once Upon a Time and run in the (Summer) off-season when OUAT was not airing.  Somewhere along the way, ABC decided that it should be a stand-alone show airing in the regular season.  Unfortunately, the Kitsis/Horowitz spin-off of the wildly popular Once Upon a Time (about to wrap up its third season) just did not have enough of the original series’ magic to carry it as a stand-alone show that would live to see renewal for another season.

Hopefully, ABC won’t abandon the concept of an off-season Once Upon a Time spin-off.  I think it’s got the potential to keep OUAT fans engaged while giving them new story and characters to hold them over until the fall.

(Source: THR)