After 4 weeks in release, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has been bumped down to the #2 spot at the box office by Dreamworks CGI-animated “How to Train Your Dragon”. “Dragon” took in $43.3 million in its premiere weekend, while “Alice” did $17.3 million.

So, with this being a Disney-based fansite, you’re probably wondering where the Disney link is here (other than ousting Alice from its perch)  “Dragon” is co-written and co-directed by former Disney animator Chris Sanders.

Sanders is responsible for Disney’s 2002 “Lilo and Stitch” (which happens to be one of my favorite Disney animated flicks) and he co-wrote and co-directed both movies along with Dean Deblois.  Sanders and DeBlois also worked together on Disney’s “Mulan”, and for those of you who know your Disney trivia well, the Mulan movie poster is hanging in Nani’s bedroom in the scene where Lilo shows off Stitch by using him as a needle and speaker for the phonograph.