Going to the D23 Expo this weekend?  I definitely will be there and I wanted to take a moment to make some necessary changes to the site so that you’ll easily be able to find all my posts, pics and updates from the event as I cover it.

If you’re going to the Expo, then you may already know what I’m about to tell you.  But then again, maybe you’ve been on the fence about it and have yet to buy your tickets.

Don’t let the name fool you.  D23 is the official Disney Fan Club, but this is by no means a closed event.  Sure there may still be some exclusives that only a D23 membership will get you, but anyone can buy tickets to go for one, or all days of the event.  There will be lots to see and NUMEROUS celebrity appearances to promote upcoming Disney films like The Avengers, John Carter and The Muppets.

Jeffrey Epstein shares a bit about what to expect this weekend in this week’s edition of  D23’s “Disney Geek” below.

There’s also an excellent guidebook for the event that you can download here (just right-click the link and “save as”).

And if a 72 page guidebook seems like more than you want to carry around and you happen to have a smartphone that you’ll be carrying with you, then scan the QR code below with your favorite barcode scanner for an awesome mobile site that can be a more pocket-sized guide to the event.


The mobile site is extremely well put together and even gives you the ability to mark the goings-on at the event that you want to attend.

There’s also a link to frequently asked questions that will let you know the answers to popular questions like “Can I bring food or drink to the event?”