The L.A. Times reports that “Murphy” has been removed from Fantasmic!  The dragon got it’s unofficial nickname after a series of mechanical failures with the animatronic beast invoked references to the old “Murphy’s Law” adage that states “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

The dragon made its debut in June of 2009 and has suffered a series of mechanical failures since then.  The most recent failure was at last Saturday night’s Fantasmic! show where it collapsed.

(Photo Credit: Richard Martin)

Disney spokeswoman Betsy Sanchez stated that “The dragon in Fantasmic experienced a technical issue last Saturday night. We are working to fix the problem. At this time we are not able to determine when the dragon will reappear in the show; however, it will continue to run at its scheduled times.”

Construction of the dragon was originally outsourced to another company, rather than having Disney’s Imagineering team build it on-site.  It makes one wonder if that’s part of the problem here, since Disney Imagineering is well known for their attention to detail and quality.

Photo credit: Twitter @UltimateDisneyG

So, Fantasmic! will continue its scheduled shows (sans Murphy) for the duration of its summer run while Disney works to repair the dragon as well as the broken elevator lift that’s supposed to get Mickey Mouse on stage for the show.

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