While there’s no official release date yet, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is finally being announced for a Blu-ray release!

Now before everybody gets too excited I’ll give you my prediction on the release date.

First, 25 years ago from this year was 1987 –  Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s theatrical year of release was 1988.
Second,  Who Framed Roger Rabbit’s exact theatrical release date was June 22, 1988

That being said, and taking into account that new home video releases almost always hit store shelves on a Tuesday,  I’m predicting a release on Blu-ray for either the 18th or the 25th of June 2013 (next year).

While it’s a whole year away, many fans of Jessica Roger Rabbit have been anxiously awaiting its Blu-ray debut.  In the meantime, we’ll make due with the Vista Series DVD release from 2003!