Ok, so maybe that’s not the “official” Disney term for it (and it is a mouthful) and I’m sure they’ll come up with some catchy name for it, but it sounds neat.

Disney World is testing a new system this week that uses “holding areas” instead of lines for waiting for a ride.  The test is being conducted with the Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster with people being assigned group numbers.  Once you have your group number, you and your party hang out in the designated area.  That area could include a game arcade or merchandise store, but if you leave the designated area, you “lose your place” in the virtual line.

The whole experiment revolves around trying to eliminate lines at the rides.  I’m sure there’s some hidden genius behind it that I don’t yet understand, but I would think that would jam up other parts of the park.  Unless those other parts of the park involve food or merchandise shops (where guests would spend more money while waiting) which could be the secondary motivation behind the new system.

To Disney’s credit, those with families would probably have a far more enjoyable wait time for that ride if you could give the kids something more entertaining to do versus waiting in the physical line/queue for the ride.

If anyone participates in the test and can explain (better than I have above) more on how it works (or has any documentation that explains) drop me a line or a comment below this article.