I got my postcard last week.  Mine is for the classic 80’s ENCOM video game “Vice Squad” (completely fictional, of course).

At first glance it’s just a “mini poster” for the game on the front of the postcard, and a brief description of the game on the back.  Anyone who’s a member of Flynn Lives knows by now that nothing is as it seems.

Sadly, I didn’t discover the hidden element on my own but the community over at unfiction forums got together and posted their theories about the new puzzle.

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Here’s what’s been discovered:

The postcards have a magnetic strip on the back.  When held up to a blacklight, a series of dots appears on the strip.  The 4 different postcards have a different series of dots, but it appears all postcards for each game have the same dots.  The theory was that if they were aligned together correctly they might spell or reveal something, but nobody’s figured out what it is yet.

It is believed that the puzzle will be revealed at the upcoming Comic-Con (July 22-25) in San Diego.

It’ll be fun to see what the puzzle turns out to be and I suspect the theory about the Comic-Con reveal is true.  I’ll post more if I find out any new details.