TRON Tuesday was a little bit of a letdown this week.  Seems just one goodie was granted to us in the form of a clip from the movie.  I’ve heard a description of the clip from a co-worker who had gone to TRON night last month, so for those of you who went this may not be anything new.

Realistically speaking, it wouldn’t be much fun if we knew the whole movie before going to see it in the theater now, would it? There wouldn’t be anything new to look forward to!

The clip features the Sirens (4 in all) getting Sam Flynn out of his “street clothes” and outfitting him in garb fitting for a program. They also provide him with his identity disc which is synchronized to him. For those of you who know the original TRON movie, listen to the audio playing that informs the program about their identity disc. Sark’s speech (word for word) still exists in the grid!

This plays very nicely full-screened, so if you’ve got a fast connection be sure to click the full screen icon at the bottom of the player.

On a side-note, I got my pins in the mail last weekend for completing the “Challenging Stage” game.  From the pic over at the flynnlives website there are 4 pins in all.  Sadly, only 2 pins are being shipped out to each individual who completed the game. Perhaps they’ll change their minds about it later?

I got the 2 pins in the pic below.

And on a final note…

For anyone who follows Olivia Wilde (Quorra) on Twitter @oliviawilde she changed her Twitter profile pic to Dora The Explorer in a Quorra outfit from TRON: Legacy.
I have no clue what Dora has to do with anything TRON (or anything Olivia) but here’s the pic.

And that’s your TRON Tuesday roundup for this week!