With about 7 weeks until release date, we’re almost there!  27 years between original and now sequel seemed like such a long time though, didn’t it?

Well, I’ve scanned the grid, and here’s your TRON Tuesday roundup for this week:

Coming in at #1 for the week is a debut of “Derezzed” by electronic duo Daft Punk from the movie’s soundtrack.  We even get to see them in the video from their actual cameo appearance in the movie.

[myspace 106899117 nolink]

Our #2 find for the week is also another video entry.  This one comes to us from the folks at Disney Interactive Studios from the upcoming videogame tie-in to the movie.  Enjoy this cutscene from TRON: Evolution

And your bonus is the image below of Daft Punk in their Tron: Legacy gear.  I’ve actually had this image for a week now and was looking for the right time to share. Click on the image to get a larger view.