Seems there’s a reality show about everything these days.  Gaming is no exception as Syfy’s WCG Ultimate Gamer shows us.  Some of America’s best gamers battle it out for the title of ultimate gamer.

The season finale featured a segment with Disney Interactive’s upcoming tie-in game TRON: EVOLUTION.  The remaining three contestants were taken into a studio decked out in TRON: LEGACY style complete with blue lighting as far as the eye can see and the full sized lightcycle replica that’s been featured at the last two San Diego Comicons!

The challenge was to battle it out against each other playing TRON: EVOLUTION’s lightcycle mode.  The gamers had to see who could get top count on number of “derezzes” on their other opponents, all the while learning to play a game that won’t be officially release until December 7th!

Check it out in the video segment below: