Make way for the next Disney movie based on one of their popular theme park attractions.

Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise attraction has been showing folks “the back side of water” since the park’s opening date (July 17, 1955).  Now it looks like Disney has decided to bring it to the big screen.

When you look at the Jungle Cruise attraction, there really are enough story elements present to start building around the existing story and make a full-blown script out of it.

Let’s review:
1.  Circa 1930’s British river expedition company.
2.  Jungle skipper taking their boat of passengers on a tour of the African rivers.
3.  Various dangers to skipper and passengers presented by the African wildlife.
4.  Journey through “headhunter country” with ambush by naitives.
5.  “Trader Sam” the headhunter (who’s specialty is shrunken heads).
6.  “Schweitzer Falls (a.k.a. the back side of water).  Maybe the passengers will go over the falls?

Now granted, those elements aren’t necessarily in their proper chronological order but add a wise-cracking skipper in the mix and this could be the recipe for an adventurous yet family-friendly feature film.

Tom Hanks is more well known for his serious roles but he did start acting with comedy.  Anyone remember him from 1980-82 as Kip/Buffy Wilson on TV’s “Bosom Buddies”.

Likewise, Tim Allen is more well-known for his comedic roles like Tim “the tool man” Taylor from TV’s “Home Improvement”.  With comedy being his arena, my money’s on him being cast as the Jungle Cruise skipper!

No production details or specific casting has been released yet, other than that Roger S.H. Schulman wrote the screenplay.

What’s your take (or predictions) for the Jungle Cruise movie?
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