(via /Film) This was an amazing find and I was impressed with the work that went into making this tribute video!

It seems that Kees van Dijkhuizen has been releasing a tribute video series this year that showcases the work of a particular director.  He puts one of these videos out per month (usually near the end of a month) and for the month of July he has released a video tribute to Pixar (as opposed to a single director at the studio).

From his blog on Tumblr, he explains why he didn’t single out any one particular director for his latest [the films of] tribute:

Let me justify why I chose Pixar rather than Brad Bird or John Lasseter: if you look at behind-the-scenes footage from Pixar, it’s very rare to see someone who hasn’t been there for at least a 5-year period. Pixar films are consistent because their team is consistent and the atmosphere seems to be above perfect. With filmmakers it’s usually the case that a director hires the same crew for different projects, so you’re really looking at a film by that director and his team. With Pixar the exact same thing occurs. The director is someone from the team (with the exception of Brad Bird) who just happens to be in charge. That team spirit really shines through with them and that’s why I decided [the films of] Pixar Animation Studios wasn’t such a crazy idea.

Kees really shows off the collective works of Pixar well here, as well as demonstrating his own editing skills too.  His choice of music (from the various Pixar soundtracks) may not match all the scenes (as far as which movie it’s from) but it definitely matches the mood of the montage through the scene changes.

For more from Kees, be sure to check out his full post about the video on his blog here.