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Disney Records gives us interactive sampler for TRON: Legacy Reconfigured

I’ve probably missed out on something someone has done before but I thought this was pretty neat and wanted to share it with everyone. Disney


TRON Tuesday roundup (11/30/10) Daft Punk soundtrack preview

I was holding out on releasing the TRON: Tuesday update for today in the hope that something else new would surface, but it appears that


TRON Tuesday roundup (10/26/10)

With about 7 weeks until release date, we’re almost there!  27 years between original and now sequel seemed like such a long time though, didn’t


TRON Legacy Soundtrack details (and pre-order) officially revealed

Greetings, User. Update from commencing. # bin/tronsoundtrack.pressrelease2.102710 Tron Legacy Soundtrack To Be Released On 11/22 With Musical Score From Daft Punk. _ Hear new

September 28, 2010 Walt Disney Records

TRON Legacy soundtrack releasing November 23rd has a release date of November 23rd posted for the TRON Legacy soundtrack. The soundtrack will be scored entirely by pop-electro duo Daft Punk.

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